Rules & Regulations
1. Undertaking:Admission is allowed on the ground of merit and conduct of a student. Admission to the college can not be claimed as a matter of right. Before a student is admit ted in to the college his/her guardian shall have to sign an undertaking in the proper form to the effect that he/she shall abide by the rules of the college.
2. Address: Each student must register in the college office the address at which he lives. He must also inform the office in writing at once, any subsequent change of address.
3. Application: All written applications shall be handed over to the Head Clerk who will place them before the principal. The prinicpal can not receive applications from students directly.
4. Student's of the college are forbidden (i) to belong to any out side Athletic Club or any other type of club or society or (ii) to play for any team other than college teams without previously taking the permission of the prinicpal in writing.
5. When a team of students is deputed to go by the college, members of the team and students accompanying the team must obtain leave from the prinicpal before their departure from college.
6. Certificate: Conduct certificate and Univesity Marksheet are issued on written application to the prinicpal. Duplicate marklist may be issued on payment of Rs.5/- for each. For duplicate Transfer Certificate and additional amount of Rs. 10/- is to be paid along with an affidavit for the purpose and an undertaking to the effect that the original T.C. was not used for securing admission into any educational institution.
7. Student should always keep their identity cards with them which will entitle them to all privileges of the college. Identity Card must be produced as and when asked for. Any one who fails to produce the Identity Card on demand will be treated as trespasser. Duplicate Identity Cards will be supplied to those who lose the original Identity Cards on payment of fee of Rs.5/-.
8. Fees are received in the College Office on the dates fixed for Collection.
9. Students should stand in a queue at the library and Office Counter at the time of their work in that counter.
10. No Club or Society should be formed or maintained in the College without the approval of the principal.
11. Student shall abide by such hygenic priniciples and submit themselves to such anti epidemic procedure as would be laid down by the Principal.
12. Cycles must be padlocked and kept in the place specified for Cycle Parking. The Cycles should not be kept on the College Verandahs or Corridors.

13. Discipline :

(a) Spitting on the walls, floor, pillars or doors of the College is strictly prohibited.
(b) Scribbling, pasting placards or posters or otherwise disfiguring college walls or boards is strictly prohibited.
(c) Students are prohibiden to loiter on the verandah when they have no classes to attend. They should not disturb other classes.
(d) Students are not allowed to enter the College Office, Prinicpal's Office and Staff Common Room without permission.
(e) Tampering with the light and fan switches and fittings is a serious offence and will be dealt with severely.
(f) Loitering in front of the principal's Office, College Office and Staff Common Room is strictly prohibited.
(g) Students not connected with a class in progress shall not assemble in front of the class room verandah or in the corridors during class hours.
(h) Students should take their seats before the teacher enters the class room and should not ordinarily leave their seats when the class is going on.
(i) Students coming late and seeking permission to enter the class room may be allowed. This is at the discretion of the lecturer concerned.
(j) In no circumstanaces shall teaching be interrupted by any student in the class in case of misconduct in the class room and disciplinary action will be taken by principal on the report of the teacher concerned.
(k) A student should behave in the class room in a disciplined manner and be attentive.
(l) Any student who remains absents himself in any terminal examination without obtaining exemption from the principal will be fined Rs.10/- for each paper for which he is absent. Wilful absence from such examination will make him liable to have his promotion withheld.
(m) A student shall not leave the hall or room in the midst of any college meeting unless it's absolutely necessary.
(n) Students are expected to participate in extra curricular activites of the college but in all these meetings and cultural function and at all places they should conduct themselves with decency and decorum. Uncommonly behaviour of any student on such occasions shall be considered as an act of gross undiscipline.
(o) Students are advised to meet the principal after obtaining the permission only in urgent cases. Before meeting the principal the students are required to meet the concerned proctors to discuss their problems.
(p) Students have the right to participate in election to various societies held in conformity with democratic principles. In no circumstance they should remain involved in any party or group politics which is detrimental to the academic interests. Disciplinary action shall be taken against those students who are found guilty of the violation of the rule.
(q) College tuition fee along with other charges, if any for the remaining months of the academic session will be realised from student before he is allowed to fill up the Application Form for the University / CHSE Exami nation. Declaration of the results of the Annual Exami nation and Test Examination will be withheld for non payment of College dues.
(r) Every student should a look at the College Notice, Board, to get necessary information regarding all notice, orders, decisions, instructions given from time to time. lgnorance of a student due to negligence will not be accepted as an excuse. No student should tamper with the notices put in the notice board. He may be the one who misses the notice next time.
(s) Report regarding undesirable activities on the part of the students will be communicated to the guardians for their information and necessary co-operation in bringing the improvement of their wards.
(t) It is the duty of students to safeguard the property of their own alma matter and keep the buildings and the campus neat and clean. They must not displace or damage the furniture in the class room and of the college. Any damage to the College property shall be viewed seriously and the students concerned shall be penalised.
(u) Students should prove themselves worthy of their alma matter, the community and country.