1. All the students of the college shall be members of the Kujang College Dramatic and Music Society.
2. Every student of the College shall pay to the Society's Fund in the College Office as an Annual Subscription as decided by the College Authorities.
3. The principal of the College shall be ex-Office president of the Society.
4. The Vice-President and Associate Vice-President of the Society should be nominated from among the members of the Teaching staff of the College by the principal.
5. There shall be an Executive Body of the Society consisting of the following office bearers:
a) President-Principal (Ex-Officio)
b) Vice-President
c) Associate Vice-President
d) Secretary
e) Assistant Secretary
6. At the beginning of each session election shall be held to the different offices on such date and in such manners as the principal may determine.
7. After the elections are over the principal shall convene a meet- ing in which the newly elected office bearer will take over charge of their offices.
8. The executive body of the Society will perform the following :
a) To prepare and pass the budget of the society for the year.
b) To decide the drama to be staged and the date for staging the dramas. The decision shall be subject to the approval of the principal.
c) To decide about music competition and other functions.
d) To meet from time to time & to decide all other matters connected with the society such as purchase of articles for the society.
9. The secretary shall be responsible for maintaining the account of the society and for recording minutes of the meeting.
10. Neither the Secretary nor the Assistant Secretary shall ordi narily be given an actor's role in drama to be staged.
11. An elected office bearer of the society may be removed from office if he fails to discharge his duties properly.
(i) by the principal or (ii) by a vote of no confidence passed by not less than two-third of members of the society present voting at a general body meeting of the society called for this purpose.
12. If a member desires an amendment to any of the rules of the society the amendment must be passed by a majority of members of the society at a meeting called for the purpose. Such an amendment shall be subject to the apprpval of the Principal.
The principal reserves the right to alter/amend or abrogate any of the rules mentioned above.