1. All the students of the College are members of the Day Scholar's Association.
2. The object of the Association is to take up such activities as will foster a spirit of fellowship and co-operation among the students.
3. The Principal shall be the Ex-Officio President of the Association.
4. There shall be an Advisor or an Associate Advisor of the As sociation nominated by the Principal from among the members of staff.
5. There shall be secretary elected from among the students. There shall be also an Assistant Secretary among +3,1st or 2nd year class of 3 year Degree course. The election of the office bearers shall be held on such date and in such manner as the principal may determine.
6. The secretary in consultation with the vice-president and with approval of the principal shall organise all the functions of the organisation. He will record the minutes of the meeting and maintain the books of the Accounts of the Association.
7. a) The Assistant Secretary shall assist the Secretary in organising the function of the Association
. b) In the absence of the Secretary, the Assistant Secretary will do the work of the Secretary.
8. The Principal may at his option, nominate one or more student member to the Executive committee of the Association.
9. Meeting of the Association shall be open to all members of the college staff.
10. The Principal shall be the final authority in all matters relating to the Association.