1. The Athletic Club shall consist of all the students of the College.
2. The Executive Committee of the Athletic Club shall Consist of:
a) Principal -President (Ex-Officio).
b) Vice-President & Associate Vice-President nominated by the Principal from amongst the members of the staff.
c) The Physical Training Instructor.
d) A Secretary and Assistant Secretary to be elected from among the students.
e) One class representative to be elected from each of the classes.
f) One lady student to be nominated by the Principal at his discretion.
g) Captains of all organised games so might exist in the college.
3. All meetings of the Executive committee shall be presided over by the Vice-President.
4. The functions of the Executive Committee shall be :
a) passing of the budget.
b) general management of the club. c) promotion of the games & athletics among students.
5. The Secretary, the Assistant Secretary and the class representative shall be elected at such time and in such manner as the Principal may determine. The Assistant Secretary shall not be a student of 3rd year Degree Course ar Second year class of Higher Secondary Course.
6. The captain for different games will be selected by the vicepresident in consultation with the physical training instrctor. The Secretary and the Assistant Secretary shall not be selected as captains for any of the games.
7. The captains will select players for friendly and competitive matches in consultation with the secretary and the physical training instructor and with the approval of the vice-president.
8. No matches shall be arranged without the prior permission of the Vice-President.
9. PETa) He will organise games and sports.
b) He will look atfer the play ground.
c) He will maintain the stock books.
d) He will remain in charge of the stocks.
e) He will keep an account of the sports goods.
f) He will maintain records in accordance with sports and games as the Vice-president may pass to him.
11. An amendment to these rules of the club may be considered in a meeting for this purpose, and before it becomes effective, must be passed by a majority of two third of the members present & voting at the meeting and must receive the approval of the principal.
12. The Principal can veto any resolution passed by the Executive Body. He can make a new rule or amend an old one, if he thinks that in the interest of the club.